Chaz & Kierstyn are Married | 2nd II None Productions DoubleTree Pittsburgh Greentree


DJ Chaz makes weddings magical every week for brides and grooms across the Pittsburgh area. This past weekend Chaz was able to give his bride, Kierstyn, the most magical wedding I've ever been apart of. With the help of DJ Willie T, DJ Dickie and the rest of the 2 crew they transformed the Doubletree Greentree into a winter wonderland fit for royalty. 

Despite the misty weather Kierstyn and Chaz met on Mt Washington for a romantic first look. The ceremony that followed was the prettiest ceremony I have ever shot in a hotel. With the white dance floor doubling as an aisle runner, lined with lanterns and blue up-lit drapes - the atmosphere was set for love. 

Once the reception room opened it was 2nd II None's time to shine! The focus was on the beautiful white dance floor with custom monogram. Blue uplighting set the mood for a beautiful first dance complete with cloud, snow and sparklers. Our white DJ table with custom records and matching white speaker completed the sleek white look of the room. There was a Magic Mirror Booth for guests to make memories. Chaz and Kierstyn heads floated about all evening making for hilarious pictures. Plus there was the cutest groom cake I've ever seen from Bethel Bakery. 

I could tell you how in love with each other they are, but the pictures and their smiles speak for themselves. 

Congratulations Chaz & Kierstyn it was truly an honor capturing your wedding day. I wish you all the best in life and in love. 

DJ Entertainment: DJ Dickie & DJ Larry Z | 2nd II None Productions 
Photography: Natalia & Dan | 2nd II None Studios
Cinematography: Donovan | 2nd II None Studios
Magic Mirror Booth: Dev W. & Evan | 2nd II None Productions
Drapery: 2nd II None Productions 
Cloud, Snow & Sparklers: 2nd II None Productions
Bakery: Bethel Bakery
Bridal Salon: Koda Bridal
Mens Wear: Top Hat
Venue: Doubletree Greentree

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